Motivation Monday

This week’s motivation comes whipping in with a nasty and cold rainstorm. Definitely a day that may go more smoothly with some extra help!


But, on this Marathon Monday, despite the nasty weather in Boston, lots of people are astounding themselves by one of their greatest accomplishments despite freezing rain, wind, and one of the longest runs of their lives. And that is wildly motivating to me today.

A few years ago I finished my first (and so far, only) marathon. I didn’t run fast, but I crossed the finish line and it helped me feel like I was capable of so much more than I thought just a few hours before when I first toed the start. It helped propel a lot of my accomplishments to come in the following years and often still inspires me to keep pushing myself. It’s amazing what our spirits and bodies are capable of!


So, whatever weather or mood you’re experiencing today, feel inspired. Start your week working toward accomplishing all the goals you set your heart and mind to. On the days my to-do list seems its longest or hardest, when I get everything done (or at least most things), I feel proud and fulfilled. No marathon for me today, just a HIIT workout and more laundry, but I’ll be trying to make every moment count. Get out there and astound yourself.

Happy Monday!

Motivating Your Transformation: “All great achievements require time.”

Here I am, checking in with a quote on Tuesday. And didn’t I say these quotes were for Mondays? Yeahhhh, about that.

Guilty. I may have mom-brain, but I do know it’s not Monday anymore. The truth is, I was just super busy being a mama yesterday and took a rest day (minus a few sets of jumping lunges and squats). And this morning after I woke up after a not so restful night, I needed that motivation to get back on track, so here’s your opportunity to feel motivated and mix things up too, on a Tuesday! I’d feel badly about this, but motivation doesn’t just have to happen on a Monday anyways.



In reality, I think this quote is super fitting for my post today anyways. Today, on “#transformationtuesday” (thanks Instagram), I’ve been thinking about my post last week about weighing myself.  When I penned that post I took my monthly progress photo and when comparing that photo with some from the last few months, I was stunned by the changes I’ve made since Josie was first born. It hit me how drastic the little changes we make in our day to day can be when looking at the overall “achievements” we’re trying to make. And the hard truth is that those greater achievements take time. Period.

Thankfully I’ve been so busy as a mom so I haven’t really had time to focus on how fast or slow things have been happening to my body. And honestly, if I hadn’t taken those photos, I think I would forget where I was at month one. Yet, while some days I still feel like that mom who just had a baby a month ago (maybe mostly because I’m still sleep deprived haha), I can’t deny the changes I’ve been conjuring as I make a commitment to my health and fitness day in and day out. It’s not easy, but it has certainly been worth it.

So, as you make your own commitments to your own goals, remember it takes time to make the progress you’re striving for. Settle in for the long haul. Consider how you’ll measure your progress in the short and long term and keep chipping away, doing the best you can. In the end, we can all be surprised–and proud–of our achievements.

Motivation Monday + Quick Legs/Abs Workout

Another week, and another snowstorm is in the forecast. While this seemingly endless winter can get me down at times, I am feeling happy on this Monday after completing a short workout this morning.

Currently I’m munching on some veggie soup for lunch, and I’m sharing this morning’s quick workout. Both babies wanted to be held today while I was exercising, and in between the diaper changes and soothing, I didn’t fit in as many sets or reps as maybe I would have liked. However, I did what I could and still think I’ll be sore tomorrow. Holding both kiddos was definitely an extra strength workout!

Lately, when my workouts have been tough (ie. when my muscles are on fire!), I just envision bathing suit weather and how I want to feel and look this summer. While vanity driven, this tactic is almost instantly motivating and sometimes even encourages me to add an extra few reps or set into my workout (when I can). It’s okay to want to look and feel your best!

If you want to repeat the quick leg and ab burner I did this morning, here it is:


And as promised last week, here is some motivation for your Monday. Set your goals and work towards them, bit by bit and day by day. You’ll be amazed by the person you become.


Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Motivation Monday

Happy Monday! Every time I utter these two little words together I wonder if it’s a total oxymoron or if I should be laying the sarcasm on extra thick. Happy and Monday? Are Mondays ever really happy? A quick internet search using these two words comes back with some hilarious memes and I’d say the pop culture verdict is Mondays stink.




For most people Monday signals the start of the work week so it’s not such a happy day. Now that I’m not working a regular “work week,” I guess Mondays aren’t so bad, except dad goes back to work, and mom (me!) is left with the chaos and mess of the weekend, loads of diaper changes, buckets of laundry, etc etc etc. Okay, I guess it can be a lot for everyone who isn’t waking up on vacation.

Getting back into the weekday grind means that oftentimes the LAST thing I want to do is exercise and eat healthy, but I think Mondays are actually one of the most important days to stick to your healthiest habits so I have a few tricks that help keep me on track. Don’t get me wrong–every day, meal, and moment is a spanking new opportunity to do your best to make better choices, but there’s something about a new week–kind of like the new year–that helps me hit that reset button.

Perhaps it especially feels like this because I love to let myself have more treats and variety in my diet and relax my exercise routine on the weekend. And Monday is the time where I have to get back to the business of taking care of myself and committing to my health. Monday is the day I sign back up for a whole 5(ish…Friday is the weekend at 5 pm around here) days of healthy habits.

One of the number one ways I stay motivated is with quotes. I have a couple quotes hung above doors and on the walls in my house to serve as simple reminders of positivity. I have a favorite workout tank top with a quote that makes me feel strong every time I put it on. And I have quotes saved up in my Pinterest account and flagged on my Instagram that I can draw from when I’m having a down or tired moment.

As an old college English major, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I find words to be so powerful. But thinking of the power behind a simple phrase motivated me to help motivate you! Instagram is full of all kinds of catchy hashtags, one of them being #motivationmonday, and this hashtag inspired me to take some of my favorite motivational quotes and brand them for my page. I’m excited to start sharing these momentos, not just on Instagram and Facebook, but here on my blog too!

So, here is one my all time favorite quotes. It’s applicable many Mondays for me, and I think it’s an especially excellent quote for those starting in my fitness workout group today (feel free to sign up and join all week to catch up on the workouts, recipes, and motivation):


This simple quote is my reminder that I don’t need to do anything extraordinary on a day I might be feeling pretty ordinary or less than all of the super amazing athletes I follow on social media. Instead of comparing myself and quitting, my goal shifts from feeling like I need to keep up with them to just being me. Starting where I am and using the skills I have means I get to be me and do the best I can. I just have to try. And I think that’s a wonderful and simple reminder that most of us can apply to our lives every day.

How do you stay motivated? What are some of your favorite quotes? Share in the comments below.