My name is Michele. Thanks for checking out Fitness Bites! This blog is a place to learn about fitness and “bites” (aka food), but expect lots of details about my own personal life journey. I hope it serves as a place that you can come to when you feel like fitness bites (ie. is hard!), you need some new recipes, a laugh or some motivation to keep being the best version of you. Here’s a little more info about me and what you can expect to find on Fitness Bites.

About the personal trainer and exerciser: I am a NASM certified personal trainer with an additional Fit for Birth corrective exercise certificate (to train pre- and post-natal women) and a NASM corrective exercise certification to train the general population too. After almost five years as a trainer at a fitness center in central Connecticut, I left to have my second child and now work as a trainer independently, in home and online. I’ve dabbled in long distance running, but my current workout plans consists of primarily strength training, lower mileage running, and yoga. I love to work out and cook, but even this trainer needs to admit my love of exercise and healthy eating doesn’t always come naturally. This blog is just one way I help hold myself accountable.

About the eater and cook: I love to eat! I also really enjoy cooking. It’s something I’ve done since I could pull a chair to the stove top. I’m a lover of quick and easy meals, but I won’t compromise health. I’m always educating myself on what I’m putting in my body and as I’ve educated myself about the preservatives, chemicals, pesticides, and other additives in our foods, my husband and I have chosen to eat as organically as we can at home. As the primary menu-planner and grocery shopper, I try to make the best decisions I can, spending the least I can while filling our bodies with nutrition and allowing for some treats too. We have a local CSA share (community supported agriculture) through an organic farm. We also grow some of our own herbs and vegetables. I supplement the rest with goods from the grocery store. I am definitely not a registered dietitian, but I love learning new things about nutrition every day and I love sharing that knowledge.

About the wife: Seven plus years ago I married my best friend and high school sweetheart, Chris. I’ve quickly become a modern wife and love taking care of my partner in crime. Together we encourage one another to make healthy choices and we enjoy the unhealthy ones together too. We love to bike, hike, travel, try new restaurants, and binge-watch television.

About the nurturer: As a naturally nurturing person I want to mother everyone! Currently I’m a mom to two beautiful baby girls, two dogs, and four ducks. That’s right–we take eating healthy and organic in our household so seriously that we have ducks–four of them! We might be a little bananas (okay, or a lot), but the cuteness (and eggs) make it all worth it.

When it comes to people-babies, our daughters are the biggest blessings. Our journey to parenthood took more than four years and during that time we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility and experienced multiple losses. Our difficult path has impacted my fitness career and lifestyle so I also share about infertility, pregnancy, and my related experiences. In October 2017 we welcomed our second daughter just 15 months after our first baby (surprise!). With two under two, life got even more exciting in our home and while our day to day may be chaotic at times, we’ll never forget our struggle to parenthood and are forever grateful for our girls.

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