Never Apologize For Doing What Makes You Happy

Hi everyone! Long time, no post. I won’t be apologizing for not posting regularly for the last month(+) because I have been just loving life doing so many things that make me happy. Unfortuantely, choosing to spend so much time in the sun, with family and friends, traveling, and more meant blogging took a backseat.

I love summer and have been enjoying all the things that come with the season. We’ve been busy traveling, playing outside, eating ice cream, celebrating birthdays (mine and Isla’s!), visiting with family, swimming, hiking and so much more. While I thought about posting many times in the last several weeks, my intentions stopped there and were quickly replaced with beautiful memories. I’ll be honest and also admit I’ve been missing some workouts and doing a little bit here and there at home. In fact, I’ve only been to the gym twice in the last two weeks and after one workout I filled out our paperwork to cancel (more on that later).

Living in New England, my thinking is it’s like we wait all year long for summer. However, unlike many New Englanders, while you’ll hear me complain about the cold in the winter (that part is normal), I will NOT complain about the heat or humidity. Instead, I soak up every little bit of it while I can.  Truth: my favorite weather is 85-90 with humid temps and I often feel like winter has arrived here by mid-October. While summer is here, this girl doesn’t mind being sticky and sweaty!

So, to catch everyone up in warp speed on what’s been happening in my world this summer, here’s a quick glimpse in a photo rundown! Since I take tons of photos every day, this is certainly not all encompassing, but it gives an idea of the bigger and more simple moments I’ve been soaking in. It’s been wild and fun and while I’m excited to resume some of our regular routine (like my exercise routine and eating habits), I hope we have lots more hot and fun summer days left in 2018!

My next post will share some details about our fun family vacation. We traveled to Long Island, Maine! Never heard of it? We hadn’t either. With only about 200 people living on the island year-round and no real restaurants or even a grocery store, it was a fun and adventurous (in a different way than we’re used to) so I can’t wait to share about our fun times. Stay tuned!

Painting. We love using our washable paint outside. This is what baths are for, right?
Bike riding, errday.
Cleaning on some rainy (or super hot) days.
Eating tons of ice cream, much to this girl’s delight!
Walking laps around the block.
Our water table is getting lots of use this summer.


We went on vacation to Long Island, Maine at the end of June. AMAZING. Post coming soon.
Beach time and family time. Nothing better.
My brother and his partner came to visit. During their stay we checked out a winery.
Green smoothies with her uncles!
Tiny tots means they can both make use of one swing 🙂
Reading at the park with uncle Charlie.
Isla turned 2!
Our garden has been keeping us busy this year.
I got away for a long weekend to celebrate my cousin’s bachelorette in Newport, RI. So much fun!
Our girls love blueberries so we definitely went blueberry picking.
Handfuls of berries.
Sweet girl with her dad.
Both girls have wanted “up” a lot lately. ❤

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