Random Ramblings: 15 Year Anniversary, Alcohol & More Podcasts

My last “Random Ramblings” post has been so popular, that I’m going to try doing them a little more regularly. I think it’s a fun way to get some of my thoughts out, and for all of you to learn more about me!

Some fun, happy, and random (of course!) things have been on my mind lately.

Things like:

In the last few weeks, Chris and I celebrated 15 years together. Oh em gee. I’m 30 and I’ve officially spent half my life with my best friend. Okay, I’m almost 31, so it’s not quite half, but it’s still a long time. We didn’t do anything to really celebrate the milestone. Just sat down on the couch post-baby bedtime and enjoyed a drink together. But in my mind and heart it still feels like a big deal. We’ve come a long way!

From then…


To now…there’s no one I’d rather be on this wild ride with. It sounds trite, but it’s so true.


Speaking of celebrating our anniversary with a drink, I’m sharing a little about my take on alcohol and drinking as a parent around our kids. I’ve shared in the past that we like visiting vineyards and breweries and that hobby hasn’t changed since we had kids. Some may think it’s a little inappropriate with our kids in tow, but we haven’t seen it as an issue at all. We have never have much to drink and go for more for the atmosphere and change of scenery. Every parent knows sitting at the house and playing with the same toys day and in and day out can get old and all of the breweries and vineyards we visit have some awesome family-friendly vibes. Has anyone else had this experience? I’ve literally Googled “family-friendly breweries” to find some of our favorite places who even advertise how kids are welcome. Some of the breweries we visit have board games or open areas for kids to run around and play with new friends. Plus, there’s often live music and we never go without a bag of toys and snacks. After all, we want to have a good time!



However, as much as we include our kids in our visits, we also fully appreciate an opportunity to go without them sometimes too. This past weekend we had that exact opportunity and it was wonderful. I love spending time with our girls, but soak up and appreciate the little bits of time we spend without them too. Chasing after your little ones with a drink in hand is much different than sitting and catching up with your spouse. And we actually talked about some non-kid stuff (sometimes). That could be a whole other tangent.

Lastly, I’ve been enjoying some more awesome podcasts and wanted to share them here. I love sending a little podcast shout out of love to some of my favorite shows. I’ve still been listening to the mindbodygreen podcast, but I’ve also added in some episodes of Well-Fed Women, which is a niche podcast hosted by two women whose fun banter focuses on “health, nutrition, fitness, mindset, and body image.” One host is a certified personal trainer and the other a nutritional therapy practitioner All of their podcasts refresh my memory about topics I’ve already learned about, or give me new topics to research. I love driving, listening, and learning.

How about you? What have you been up to lately? Are you loving any podcasts? I’d love to hear about them and add them to my playlist! Share in the comments below! 

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