Motivation Monday

This week’s motivation comes whipping in with a nasty and cold rainstorm. Definitely a day that may go more smoothly with some extra help!


But, on this Marathon Monday, despite the nasty weather in Boston, lots of people are astounding themselves by one of their greatest accomplishments despite freezing rain, wind, and one of the longest runs of their lives. And that is wildly motivating to me today.

A few years ago I finished my first (and so far, only) marathon. I didn’t run fast, but I crossed the finish line and it helped me feel like I was capable of so much more than I thought just a few hours before when I first toed the start. It helped propel a lot of my accomplishments to come in the following years and often still inspires me to keep pushing myself. It’s amazing what our spirits and bodies are capable of!


So, whatever weather or mood you’re experiencing today, feel inspired. Start your week working toward accomplishing all the goals you set your heart and mind to. On the days my to-do list seems its longest or hardest, when I get everything done (or at least most things), I feel proud and fulfilled. No marathon for me today, just a HIIT workout and more laundry, but I’ll be trying to make every moment count. Get out there and astound yourself.

Happy Monday!

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