Motivation Monday + Quick Legs/Abs Workout

Another week, and another snowstorm is in the forecast. While this seemingly endless winter can get me down at times, I am feeling happy on this Monday after completing a short workout this morning.

Currently I’m munching on some veggie soup for lunch, and I’m sharing this morning’s quick workout. Both babies wanted to be held today while I was exercising, and in between the diaper changes and soothing, I didn’t fit in as many sets or reps as maybe I would have liked. However, I did what I could and still think I’ll be sore tomorrow. Holding both kiddos was definitely an extra strength workout!

Lately, when my workouts have been tough (ie. when my muscles are on fire!), I just envision bathing suit weather and how I want to feel and look this summer. While vanity driven, this tactic is almost instantly motivating and sometimes even encourages me to add an extra few reps or set into my workout (when I can). It’s okay to want to look and feel your best!

If you want to repeat the quick leg and ab burner I did this morning, here it is:


And as promised last week, here is some motivation for your Monday. Set your goals and work towards them, bit by bit and day by day. You’ll be amazed by the person you become.


Wishing you all a wonderful week!

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