Detox Your Beauty Products

As I’ve shared, we try to eat as organically as possible at home. This means we grow tons our own food in the summer months, raise our own ducks for eggs, pick up a local CSA share weekly between June and November, and frequent local farmer’s markets. But what about the products we use on our skin and hair?

Finding personal care products with little to no toxic chemicals has taken some time and tweaking, and a lot of research. I used to go so far as to make my own soap, but as a busy mom, I realize this just isn’t realistic for our family and so I put the time in to instead find products I could purchase. I think about this journey as something I just try to get better and better at. Like with our diet, it started with a lot of small changes and while there is still work to be done, I can say that most of what we use has a very low toxicity rating, is fairly mainstream and easy to access, and nothing really breaks the bank!

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) website is an excellent resource for finding information about everything from pesticides in your foods to toxic chemicals in your cosmetics. Their mission is to, “empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. With breakthrough research and education, we drive consumer choice and civic action.”

Related to cosmetics specifically, they rate personal care products on a scale of 1-10. A rating of 1-2 means low hazard, ratings of 3-6 equals moderate hazard, and 7-10 indicates high hazard. Various products have more or less information, but products are being updated regularly. If I’m concerned about specific ingredients in a product, I often look for more information on a website like Cosmetic Info.

But, saving you hopefully some valuable time, I’m sharing lots of the products we use right here. Here are the products we’re currently using at our house with prices on Amazon:

The first place we started cleaning up our personal care products was deodorant. Kick aluminum to the curb and rest assured, once your body adjusts in the first couple weeks, you won’t even miss your anti-antiperspirant! We tried several all natural deodorants and this is our favorite. 


All of the varieties of their lotion are fantastic. 
We used this for the entirety of summer 2017 and did not get sunburn once!


We use this soap as our body soap and love all of the combinations we’ve tried. 

Not pictured:

What are your favorite personal care products? How have you been shocked by the ingredients in your foods or products? Share in the comments below! 


**This blog post contains Amazon Affiliate links. If you purchase items by clicking these links, I make a small amount of money from your purchase, but it does not cost you any more money to purchase these products!**



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