Fitness Bites is Alive

After a super long hiatus, I’ve decided to start up the blog again. Yet again, it’s you–the readers who have motivated my return. I can’t get over how many people have still been trying to access content here after almost three years off! So if you’re an old reader, welcome back! And if you’re a newbie here, welcome! A lot has happened since I stopped blogging, but I can’t wait to catch everyone up.

Before I made the decision to start posting again, I thought long and hard about the structure of the blog and what I really want it to be about. It will still be focused around fitness and what I’m eating (because sometimes fitness still bites!), but will also include more details about my life. Leaving some crucial details out about my life is really why I stopped blogging. It was too scary to be so open with my readers. I felt like I was holding back too much info about my personal life and the impact it had on my career and diet. Mainly this was related to an infertility diagnosis. Something I was embarrassed about, and that terrified me daily. Most of my posts were all sunshine and roses and while I pride myself on being a pretty positive person, we all know that’s not how life plays out every day and that’s definitely not how I was feeling every day. Don’t worry, I don’t plan on melting you into a puddle of tears, but I do plan on being more honest about life.

So, now onto the fun stuff. The last few years has been a whirlwind. The biggest change: I had a baby! A little girl. Meet Isla Wren!


And now…

I’m so grateful to say our infertility story has a happy ending. Isla just turned one and is the light of my life. Becoming a mom is everything I hoped it would be and then some. Then, while we were still just excited to have our one baby and when we thought parenthood couldn’t get any better, we were shocked to learn in January that we are expecting again (when Isla was just six months old–yikes!)! Coming in late September/early October, our two little ones will be almost 15 months apart and after all of the hardships we endured, we feel so lucky to grow our family.

Other news: My workouts have completely changed. I’m not distance running right now. I actually haven’t ran a half marathon in almost four years. Instead, I am strength training 4-5 days a week and practicing yoga almost weekly. Yes, even pregnant!

My diet has continued to evolve. We still eat as organically as possible at home. This includes participating in a local CSA and growing a garden. The garden has seen another two seasons and to get some healthier protein in our backyard, Chris and I got ducks a couple springs ago. We love their eggs! Additionally, I’ve traveled and made so many good memories as a wife and friend. And as life continues, the new memories continue to stack up and just seem to be getting better and better.

So, let this be a teaser. More posts are coming and this time, be prepared for Michele: raw and uncut. For now, I apologize for starving anyone of workouts or recipes. Welcome back and I promise my plan is to stay online this time.

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